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Lilyann Laurent

Author of poetry collection Musae: Fratres et Sorores. 


CEO of Lilyann Laurent LLC, 2022


Meet Lilyann

Lilyann Laurent’s Release

Vulpes niveus is here...

Our heroine Lily is a fantasy creature who has found limself in a love affair with a much older gentlemen when they wonder into each other’s worlds…thirteen years deep and twenty more to go.  


Will their secret be discovered by Luke's wife Cari?  Will Lily and Luke fulfill their fantasies before it is too late? Why is Lily so drawn to Luke anyway?  Will he fulfill lims desire for sexual awakening and companionship? Where will Lily find belonging and stability in lims new and independent young life? Can the wise woman Stella guide lims way forward? Could it be that Lily has some unfinished business le is trying to resolve with Luke?  Why does Luke seem so familiar?  Reminding Lily of various aspects of people le has met before whom left both marks of love and pain on lims heart. 


How will Lily handle this dilemma?  


Read on for all the juicy, gut-wrenching, life-changing details of Lily's story!

"I dip my feet into the pool,

thirteen years deep,

and twenty more to go."

"A compelling collection of emotional and erotic poetry that is difficult to put down! Each poem adds something more to a much larger story that becomes greater than the sum of its parts. While styles change, it is nonetheless enthralling. Lilyann is phenomenal in lims use of primal emotion as a focal point of every chapter. Whether that be fear, anger, love, wanton lust, a desire for a connection, or something purely animalistic. You feel each of these within and without yourself."

Charlton tod


This poetry collection really dives deep into your feelings. It Is beautiful how the words on paper swirl in your mind and make you feel so many emotions. The way the words captivate the page and tell the beautiful story. The way the words touch your soul so deeply and make you want to know more. This collection makes you want to know more about humans, about love and about these stories we tell. This poetry shows love in so many ways. Love is universal, love is painful, love is beautiful, and love is passionate. The idea to have a relationship and experience every angle of love is explored in these poems. Each poem is crafted so beautifully and so honest. Each poem is a snapshot of a human experience and a story. We all want to read more of the story and learn more.  I want to know more about each person each poem is about. I am engaged in this experience. I can't quite understand but we are here. We are present and connected in the artwork, in the artist, and in Lily's story. I love how there were poems on all levels to describe each experience. To remind us to connect and how beautiful love and living in love can be. To remind us in painful moments to create art and create beautiful stories. It was all very well done. I am very passionate about these poems and how they dive into you and how they remind you love is beautiful , brave and vulnerable. The level of vulnerability explored was incredible.

Tasha Hillman

This is a captivating collection of poems that is seductive yet vulnerable. The author captures emotions we have all felt going on the roller coaster of love. It has a similar style of Milk and Honey by Rupi Kaur, yet this collection seems to cut deeper with the relatable emotions of going from shy to lustful to heartache to desire. Add this to your next poolside read this summer.

Sarah harralson

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