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lilyann laurent


Lilyann Laurent is an author, film director, singer-songwriter, spirituality influencer, and lifestyle

brand designer. Le identifies as nonmonosexual, demisexual, and non-binary and has roots

in rural Pennsylvania. Lilyann grew up on a beautiful Appalachian farm where le was able from

an early age to be inspired by the beauty and spiritual reflections in nature.

Lilyann is an avid herbal tea drinker and reader studying nature, music, psychology, spirituality,

sensuality, personal development, health, and creativity in lims spare time. Le has been learning

skills in cooking, gardening, and embodied movement.


Lilyann Laurent's poetry collection started as daydreams and notes filling up pockets over years.

Each volume is a different season, a different shade of life reflected in word pictures. Beginning

with the sensuality of the Musae collection and broadening to include feelings and sensations from

a constellation of experiences in volumes to come. We invite you to journey with our author

through a collection of human experience like a walk through the woods with an old friend and

the light shining in perspective.

Lilyann’s store offers a variety of personal and household items for you to express yourself and

your journey with the character Lily. It is our hope that Lilyann Laurent's readers will see a

reflection of themselves in the stories told here. The highs, the pains, the joys, and sorrows that

we all know deep within our bodies can become a place where we are one and known.


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