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Serving all you lilies...

Because you don't need a codependent partner to meet these needs.

As our character Lily learns in the story.

You can learn to do this...

...with your own decision...

...and the support of your village.


Does this sound like you...?

-Will I ever belong?

-Why do I feel rejected?

-Why do I feel defective?

-How do I set boundaries?

-How do I get others to respect me?

-Why do I feel different?

-Why do I feel ashamed?

-Will anyone ever want to know me for my true self?

For the lilies...who have...

-Wondered how to listen to your true voice

-Wondered how to feel belonging

-Wondered how to set boundaries

-Wondered about your personality patterns

-Wondered what your passion is

-Wondered who you are sexually

-Wondered what your purpose is

-Wondered how to find your aligned community

...We have answers for you.

Self Care

Does this sound like you...?

-Why do I feel sick and unwell in physical and emotional health?

-Why do I have physical and emotional pain?

-Why am I sad?

-Why am I angry?

-Why do I catch infections easily?

-Why do I feel tired all the time?

-Why do people think I'm a hypochondriac?

-Why hasn't anyone taught me how to take care of myself?

For the lilies...who have...

-Wondered how to care for immune health through indoor environmental air quality by cleaning and home maintenance

-Wondered how to care for feminine hygiene and bladder health

-Wondered how to eat, cook, and garden for your dietary needs

-Wondered how to detox your products and habits and balance hormones

-Wondered how to work with your menstrual cycle and hormones

-Wondered how to manage your fertility for family planning

-Wondered about information and protection from STDs

-Wondered about consent

-Wondered how to be the leader of your own embodied movement and bodywork practices

-Wondered about exploring sexual pleasure and your personal preferences and identity

...We have answers for you.

Financial Freedom

Does this sound like you...?

-Am I good at anything?

-What is my passion?

-What excites me that I want to try next?

-What am I saving for?

-Does my current job provide the resources for my life goals?

-Does my current job feel aligned?

-How do I believe in myself to get started?

-How do I start a business?

For the lilies...who have..

-Wondered what they love doing not out of fear

-Wondered how to recognize their own value

-Wondered how to create a sequenced action plan for your goals and start doing them now

-Wondered how to find their aligned community for support

-Wondered how to negotiate payment for your value as an entrepreneur

-Wondered how to invest the resources you already have

...We have answers for you.

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